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  1. When are your services?
    • Our weekend gathering is held on Sunday morning starting at 11:00am. Immediately following this service is a church wide fellowship lunch.
    • On Sunday evenings Ridgewood households participate in house worship and/or other ministry projects. It is our goal to equip and train households how to do and practice home worship and study. Periodic training is offered for this. Also, both the men and ladies hold a book study meeting once a month in a member's home on Sunday evenings.
    • During the middle of the week on Wednesdays, a church wide bible study is held at 6:45pm. Wednesday night studies focus on a range of topics such as doctrine, theology, church and baptist history, biblical manhood and womanhood, missions, current events, and more. A church wide dinner is served at 5:45pm.
  2. Where are you located?
    • We are located at 2920 Lake Arthur Drive in Port Arthur, TX. We are two white buildings just off of the corner of HWY 69 (Memorial Blvd) and Lake Arthur Dr. just south of Jimmy Johnson Blvd.
    • See a map here
  3. What do I wear to services?
    • Dress is casual.
  4. What is the worship service like?
    • Since we believe that the Bible is God's word and is our final authority in all matters of faith and practice, we practice systematic exposition in our preaching ministry.
      • Our music is chosen not based upon style or personal preference, rather it is prayerfully selected based upon the text of Scripture that is being expounded on that day. With that said, our music is usually a blend of modern/contemporary songs, choruses, and hymns.
      • In an effort to connect church and home, men and households are active participants throughout the service.
  5. Can my family stay together during the Sunday gathering?
    • Yes! Sadly, most families when they go to church wave "goodbye" at each other when they get out of the car and tell each other "hello" after church when they get back into the car. We not only give lip service to being "pro-family", we are "pro-family" in practice. We want families to worship and serve together.
  6. What activities do you offer for my children and youth?
    • The most important thing we offer children and youth is our commitment and desire to equip the home as the place of discipleship and evangelism. The home is essential in the spiritual upbringing of children as the church only meets on average three hours a week. Children & Young Adult (Teens) are encouraged to worship with their family or the family they are guest of at our church gathering on Sundays at 11am. Households are equipped to train Children & Young Adults throughout the week.
  7. Are you associated with a particular denomination?
    • Yes, we are part of the Southern Baptist Convention, an organization of 40,000+ churches dedicated to sharing the good news of God's love with people around the world.

If you have a question, please email your question to office@ridgewoodchurch.us.